What else is possible?


Chris Palasz, Peak State

Life Coach

When people ask me what I do for a living, I have the good fortune of responding: “I am a life coach. And, that’s not what I do - it’s a very large part of who I am.”

Still, to say that getting to this point in my life was a challenge - would be an understatement.

This outcome began with a phase of exploration where a combination of opportunities, circumstances, decisions and experiences converged. These were filled with many failures and successes, which brought moments of pain as well as pleasure, over many years. Conscious of these internal emotions I accepted that if I was seeking my ideal life, I’d have to work on a better self - first. So I started listening to myself at a much deeper level - my truth. Driven primarily by the feeling of dissatisfaction, I decided to take action.


Live with Higher Intent

Coaching is different for everyone as we are
all in different stages in life.

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