Happy Clients

"Chris is a very special person with genius skill to touch us forever. Truly transformative and Impactful in our lives and our companies."

- Maria Da Luz Ferreira. Lisboa, Portugal

"We knew that in order to take the company to new heights, we needed maximum focus and an elevated level of energy. While evaluating multiple options, we hired Chris Palasz as he himself embodies a higher level of energy, and after connecting with him, firmly believed that his experience and framework would enable us to achieve what we set out to do.

His model is solid, with inspiring insights and actionable plans in the short term. His energy is infectious contagious- which was a big plus as it lifted the spirits & energy of the team. 

Net, if you are needing a transformation in the company (or within yourself), this is highly recommended."

— Quintessentially Latinamerica

"It was an honor for us to receive Christopher Palasz in Portugal. Passionate man, curious, extraordinary and competent, but especially with a heart the side of the world. The generosity that he has dedicated to us and to our friends, has us in total gratitude. Thanks Chris! You touched us all forever.

- Sonia Santos, MedSupport. Portugal.

"I will always believe I had an excellent work team. All of them well qualified and highly competitive. But, as the owner and leader of this company I am always searching for a way to become even better. It was with this objective in mind that I hired Chris Palasz. The results were immediately visible. He managed to align, motivate and inspire my team by teaching the fundamental strategies needed to self-motivate ourselves. It was a truly fulfilling experience for us as a team with measurable results."

- Pimenta Group - Owner of Puket and Chilli Beans Peru.

“Working with Chris was life-changing. Going into my mid 50’s I came to seek his help in building the next chapter in my career. What I didn’t expect was that I needed guidance in my personal life as well. Every session was eye opening and because of it I made improvements and gained real results. The action steps Chris assigned during each session were relevant to push me forward, to get me to the place I needed to be.”

Chris has an innate ability to closely listen, he’s able to tap into your inner thoughts and formulate the root cause and suggest ways to work through difficulties. I’ve healed in many ways and grown spiritually as a result of our sessions. I feel I am a better person today due to Chris’s dedication and willingness to push me forward specially on days I was struggling. The words and thoughts shared in this testimonial do not serve justice to what I have learned, experienced and who I’ve become.

In working with Chris I’ve made permanent progress in diverse areas of my life and achieved the desired results.”

— Riccardo Gutierrez


I began working with Chris to sort through some professional issues and opportunities, but I did not realize how much of an impact his work as a coach could have on my personal life as well.  Chris is amazing; he asks the right questions and helps keep my focus clear with great direction and results.


Running a business, raising kids, teaching, and staying married takes some balancing skills, and a bunch of other counter intuative life skills. It’s great to have a skillful hand on your shoulder. Thanks Chris for helpink keep all the balls in balance. We appreciate your passion and caring.


I met Chris by accident, and felt comfortable sharing my story to a complete stranger. I was on a path to creating my new life and I was running in ten different directions. FATE put me next to Chris. Chris has a fabulous gift, and I feel blessed he has shared his time with me. I am a new widow, I have gone thru a huge emotional loss plus a severe financial change, along with all the typical family problems. Chris listens with a purpose.He has enabled me to focus on my new path. He has given me the confidence to believe in what I want and what I am worth. He has instilled in me to enjoy the ride I am on and to realize I am going to have a fabulous new life. So I have embraced the life I had, and with Chris’s help I am starting a new journey. He is helping me to know the best path for me to take.

— Valerie Hart Ross