Extraordinary lies in our ability to create


Chris Palasz, Peak State Life Coach


This is Chris Palasz. 

You’ve come across an extraordinary opportunity and for that reason I want to give you a warm welcome.  

I don’t know exactly what has brought you here today, but what I do know is that you must have a significant reason. And what I’ve learned in life is that reasons are what fuel our actions. My purpose has certainly lit me up to make the most important decisions in my life and take the necessary actions which have led me and continue to lead me to add meaning to my life on a consistent basis.  

Consequently, I encourage you to embrace your reasons today.  Do not dismiss them, for you will have wasted a valuable chance to do something about them.  Do not procrastinate on this; you won’t get this time back! 

Act in the presence of your present, acknowledging what you need to do today. 


Christopher E. Palasz was born in St. Paul, MN and raised primarily between Lima, Perú and Toronto, Canada. After getting his Bachelor’s Degree in Law & Economics he worked in various multinational banks, NPOs and corporations. Currently this Peak Performance Life Coach lives in Aspen, Colorado where he fulfills his mission by serving clients from all around the world. Other than dedicating himself to constant improvement and human transformation, he lives to “seek the greatness in the gift of a moment and enjoying it ”. You may find Chris around the open spaces in the valley or perhaps cross paths with him in a random city across the globe, playing or coaching soccer, skiing, organizing a cookout or simply out smiling.

Yes - he’s always smiling, and loves his life.


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Intense emotion is the way of the body, mind and soul manifesting itself before you, requesting you take action. 

Think of opportunity as a bright vibrant colorful light moving around in a dark wall that’s surrounding you.

The wall represents your reality, you know this wall well. You live comfortably within this surrounding. This wall is held up by columns you’ve put up to build this wall. 

Some of these columns include your daily routine, your life standards, your belief system, your habitual emotions, the quality of your relationships, your work and the meaning you give it to it all. 

One day you ask a question: What else is possible? And automatically a light appears. It is very enticing but it is new. You get excited and are curious to see what’s on the other side but hesitate to jump through because it represents the unknown, the uncertain. 

You are left with two options: stay still and stick to what you know and are sure about, or jump through the vibrant opening with determination and explore what else is possible?

Here are the facts:

  • You’ve called and created this opening.

  • No one is going to push you through it. It’s actually moving around the wall that surrounds you. To get through it, you must move and show some conviction.

  • The decision is 100% yours.

  • Opportunity for betterment does not wait on anyone.

  • Procrastinators will suffer. Hesitating and faltering results in a miss of opportunity and is not rewarded or satisfied by “better luck next time”.

  • Fear is one of life’s driving forces. If you allow it to control your decisions, this will be reflected in the overall quality of your life.

  • Men of action please the calling of future opportunity best.

Why is coaching imperative in life? 
There is a direct relationship between the emotions that people habitually experience and the actions they take on a daily basis. Understanding this at a conscious level and knowing the strategies that will allow you to gain momentum to keep moving forward are imperative to grow. This has enormous impact on the overall quality of your life.

Simply put:
If you think and feel ok, you will think and do ok.  If you think and feel extraordinary, you will think and do extraordinary.  

I wait for you on the other side ready to embark on your new journey. 

- Chris Palasz